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The world’s most livable city surrendered to Covid-19

Melbourne, which was hit by Covid-19 registered in Victoria, Melbourne, the capital of Melbourne, among 837 people who died in

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Covid-19 vaccine expected to be released towards the end of the year

Dean of Istanbul Faculty of Medicine Prof. Dr. Tükek said, “I foresee that the vaccine will be released in November-December.

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Interesting corona virus measure from Chinese barbers

Interesting developments continue to occur in the Corona Virus epidemic, which has affected the world in every sense for months.

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“Star Wars” style measure

The World Health Organization declared the corona virus epidemic, which has spread to more than 114 countries, as a pandemic.

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Interesting COVID-19 step from BMW

BMW, one of the automotive companies that had to stop production due to the new type of coronavirus epidemic, has

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Safe tourism certificate is mandatory in hotels

With the circular issued by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, all hotels over 50 rooms are obliged to obtain

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Intourist will bring tourists from Antalya

Intourist will bring tourists from 2 more cities to Antalya The biggest market in Alanya is the tour operator Intourist

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Alanya is at the top

Coronavirus outbreak initiated by the ministry because of the ‘Safety Certificate in Antalya tourism first took place in Turkey. Alanya

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