Cem Yılmaz made a spectacular comeback with Karakomik Films

The first two of the series Karak Karakomik Films Cem, which are named as saatlik 2 Arada Kaç and amak Kaçamak,, each consisting of two different stories of approximately one hour, were released on October 18.

The famous comedian adds a new breath to Turkish cinema, “When you make a film every two years, the audience waits a bit too long. If this formula works, for example, in 60-minute stories we get crowded, and everyone can perform different performances and trick at short intervals. Therefore, I do not want this to remain with four films, I hope that this formula will continue. He is very cruel, he says harsh things, he is cynical and he criticizes with love and fatherly attitude. When we watched this last job, we were granted with compliments that I had never heard of in my life. I was very happy ”.

The famous comedian said that he was inspired by the TV and digital platforms to do 60 minutes of work. We have multi-directional, multi-story cinema films, but there are not two 60-minute stories in one session. Whether or not the stories come together.


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