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The world’s most livable city surrendered to Covid-19

The world’s most livable city surrendered to Covid-19

Melbourne, which was hit by Covid-19 registered in Victoria, Melbourne, the capital of Melbourne, among 837 people who died in Australia due to Kovid-19, fell into silence with the application of a home exit ban for valid reasons.

After ranking first in the world’s “most livable cities” ranking 7 times in a row, the Australian city of Melbourne, which completed the last two years in the second place, has turned into a “ghost city” due to the new type of coronavirus prevention practice. prohibits. (Kovid19 outbreak.

Curfews and bans in the 4th category in Melbourne, the capital of the state of Victoria, where Covid-19 caused the most casualties and cases in Australia, disrupted the normal life of the city.

In Melbourne, the country’s second largest city, no one is seen except for a few forced labor in the main streets, bridges, squares, shopping malls and parks used to welcome thousands of people at all hours of the day. . Due to Covid-19 bans, which will remain in effect until September 28.

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