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Can We Start The Concerts We Missed Soon?

Can We Start The Concerts We Missed Soon?

In August, a group of scientists conducted an experiment on the transmission of coronavirus at the Quarterback Immobilien Arena in Leipzig, Germany. The study called Restart-19, which aims to collect data on various activities in large indoor meetings such as concerts, is Dr. Martin Luther University’s head of clinical infectious diseases. It was carried out by a team led by Stefan Moritz. The results of the study have been published recently.

The study included 1,400 volunteers who had previously been tested for Covid-19, whose fevers were measured, and equipped with hand sanitizer bonded with masks and fluorescent dye. Volunteers created data by performing different scenarios for 10 hours with various levels of social distance and security measures. Pop singer Tim Bendzko also gave a concert in the work.

The researchers found that the risk of coronavirus spreading at indoor concerts was “low to very low” when visitors adhere to hygiene protocols, had good ventilation, and capacity was limited. In addition, the research revealed that the closest contact was experienced during the breaks during the show and when visitors first entered the venue.

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