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The Right Shoes, Healthy Feet

The Right Shoes, Healthy Feet


Shoes have been an integral part of our lives since human existence. Although we used it only to protect our feet at first, it didn’t take long for it to turn into a fashion trend over time. Thanks to the shoe industry that meets the vast majority of the Global Leather Sector, although we can now reach all kinds of shoes, the most important rule is foot health. By saying that health starts standing, we wanted to share with you tips on choosing shoes.

Shoes that are not easily crushed with two fingers are healthier. The heel of the shoe should not be soft, it should grip our heel tightly, and shoes with wide front should be preferred. You should not choose shoes just by looking at them, you should consider your foot health. Pointed toe shoes can cause deformities in the toes. Even if you prefer to buy orthopedic shoes, close your eyes to shoes that prevent your feet from breathing.

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