The declaration of the Republic with the expression of Atatürk

Today 29 October is the 96th anniversary of the proclamation of the Republic. Well, what happened on October 29, 1923, on the day that the Republic was proclaimed, how the Republic was proclaimed,


NUTUK presents the emergence of the new state in an understandable and simple way.


Long live the Republic


“The Masters, the Party Group meeting was ended and the Assembly meeting was opened immediately. It was 18.00 (October 29). While the proposal was duly examined and prepared by the Law-i Principal Council, the Assembly was busy with some other tasks. At the end, the Vice President İsmet Bey (Pasha) sitting at the chair of the Presidency gave the Assembly the following information:


The Enc Principal Council “proposes that the draft law on amendments to the Law on the Organization should be discussed first and immediately.


“Accept!” On the sounds, the report was read. It was discussed first as proposed. Finally, the law was adopted with the acclaimed speech of many speakers, “Long live the Republic!”. After that, a vote was taken in Parliament to elect a President. İsmet Bey (Pasha) sitting on the chair of the Presidency informed the General Assembly of the results of the votes collected as follows:

Elected Unanimously


“Turkey is voting for the Presidential and Presidential hundred and fifty people attended the eight hundred fifty-eight members unanimously chose the Ankara deputy Mustafa Kemal Holiness.”


101 Pare Thrown


“Friends, the victory of the Turkish nation that created this high regime in the last four years will be manifested several times more. I have to offer you the need at a point that I consider very important. That need is the continuation of the love, trust and support that your supreme committee has shown to me. Only with this, and with God’s help, I hope that I will be able to do the tasks you give and give to me in the best possible way.


I will always work very sincerely and firmly on the hands of my dear friends and not to see myself for a moment. We will always go forward together based on the love and trust of the nation. Mes’ut the Republic of Turkey, it will be successful and victorious.


The decision of the Republic was made by the Assembly on 29/30 October 1923 at 20.30. 15 minutes later, at 20.45, he was elected President. The situation was reported to the whole country on the same night and announced by throwing a hundred mere balls after midnight on all sides. ”

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