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Alternatives to Prohibitions

Alternatives to Prohibitions

As you know, a smoking ban has recently been introduced in public places. Prohibitions have always forced people to come up with alternatives. Let’s take a look at the reasons why hookah, which is already in demand, has become more widespread recently.

Hookah has passed into our culture from Ottoman times and still continues its existence.

As with everything else, it was not difficult to be a favorite of popular culture. When the poses of celebrities smoking hookah were added to it, it became a trend. It is now possible to come across glass, copper, and even portable plastic models in gift shops and tabacco shops. It has entered our lives so much that even if we do not use it, it took its place as an accessory in a corner of our home. So what makes this hookah so interesting?

Although its bottles and colors appealing to the eye, its tobacco in the fragrance that may attract even those who do not smoke, and its appeal to the eye on social media are quite effective, hookah also has a great effect on the revival of the chatting environments that have developed in our coffee culture from the past.

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