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Coffee and us

Coffee and us

Five important stages and countries stand out in the transformation of coffee, the indispensable beverage of today, into a culture around the world: 1-It was discovered in Ethiopia. 2-It was used as a beverage for the first time in Yemen. 3-It was introduced to the world from Istanbul. 4- Italians made the innovation. 5-USA is doing its global trade.

Coffee, which has a recorded history of approximately 1,300 years, also has a day celebrated all over the world: October 1, International Coffee Day.

According to the decision adopted by the International Coffee Organization (ICO) in March 2014, the International Coffee Day is described as a celebration of the diversity, quality and passion of the coffee industry. It is seen as an opportunity for coffee lovers to share their love for the beverage and support millions of farmers whose livelihoods depend on aromatic crops. Because it is stated that millions of farmers in the Equator zone, which produce coffee in the world, can only get a 10 percent share from the global coffee value chain.

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