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How has Covid-19 changed our approach to food?

How has Covid-19 changed our approach to food?

The International Food Information Council (IFIC) has published the results of its annual Food and Health Survey, which examines the diet and consumption habits of a thousand US citizens. The research highlights how the Covid-19 outbreak has changed our approach to food.

85% of the participants state that there are changes in the eating, preparation or purchasing processes with the epidemic. While 60% of the participants stated that they cook more food at home, the majority of them state that they feel safer while consuming their own meals at home. While 49% of consumers are worried about consuming meals prepared outside at home, 46% are afraid to eat directly at the restaurant. Consumers say the main reason for these concerns is that they have no control at any point in the process from the supply of ingredients to the arrival of food. At the same time, it was observed that 24% of the respondents in May preferred to shop online, but this rate dropped to around 20% in the summer after quarantine.

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