Burhan Sili, President of Alanya Touristic Operators Association, said that around 15 thousand licensed athletes came to Alanya for more than 50 national and international sports organizations in 2019.

Turkey Tourism Promotion and Development Agency (TTG) and Turkey Hoteliers Federation (TUROFED) Board Member of Alanya Tourist Operators Association (ALTİD) President Burhan Sili, 2019, more than 50 national and international sports licensed around Alanya 15 thousand for the organization said the athlete came. Underlining that the managers, referees and technical delegations, family members accompanying the athletes and athletes in Alanya for the camp are not included in this figure, President Sili made a great contribution to the country’s economy in order to increase the season, increase occupancy rates and per capita income in the spring and winter months. He said, “The tourism sector is a very important sector that contributes to the country’s economy, covers a significant part of the current account deficit, is placed on the spot export category and forms one of our vital points in foreign currency input. We aim to reach a wider audience with the international promotion and planning, especially for sports tourism. We aim to set a record for sports tourism in 2020 in Alanya, which provides both climate and accommodation variety. We would like to thank the staff of Alanya Municipality and Alanya Youth and Sports District Directorate for their efforts for their efforts. ” The main sports branches of which national and international organizations are organized in Alanya are as follows: Bicycle, mountain bike, triathlon, volleyball, basketball, marathon, running, swimming, surfing, football, futsal, handball, Strongman, paragliding, wrestling, angling, muaythai, tennis, outdoor and indoor hockey.


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