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Apple M1 introduced!

Apple M1 introduced!

Apple held the highly anticipated One More Thing event last week. At this press launch, Apple announced the innovations for the Macs as expected. The processor, which seems to have a high level of hardware and software compatibility, seems to change the whole understanding of computers.

This is the first time that such a comprehensive change is happening on Mac devices. Apple underlined that thanks to this hardware and software integration, users will have an excellent experience.

The Apple M1, the first processor produced with 5nm technology, comes up with 16 billion transistors. Having 8 cores and 4 high speed threads, the processor is defined as the fastest CPU core in the world.

Supporting Tunderbolt and USB 4 technologies, the Apple M1 has an 8-core graphical interface. The new processor stands out with its low power consumption and high performance. Compared to its competitors at the 10W level, it is almost 2 times better in performance. It also achieves the same maximum performance value with approximately 75 percent less power consumption than its competitors.

The processor, which includes a 16-core artificial intelligence engine, has a capacity of 11 trillion operations per second. The new artificial intelligence engine provides about 15 times faster machine learning.

Thanks to the unified memory architecture in M1 processors, the devices you use will become more performance. Applications used will access more graphics memory than ever before.

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